Rake Over Old Coals

Rake Over Old Coals :

Rack and Ruin :

If something or someone goes to rack and ruin, they are utterly destroyed or wrecked.

Rack Your Brain :

If you rack your brain, you think very hard when trying to remember something or find a solution.

Ragged Blue Line :

This term was used to signify the union forces (who wore blue uniforms) in the American Civil war.

Rags to Riches :

Someone who starts life very poor and becomes rich goes form rags to riches.

  • Dhiruhai Ambani, the business tycoon, worked very hard and rose from rags to riches.

    Rain On Your Parade :

    If someone rains on your parade, they ruin your pleasure or your plans.

    Raining Cats and Dogs :

    When it is raining cats and dogs, it is raining very heavily.

  • Because it was raining cats and dogs here, I had to postpone my journey to Kolkata.

    Rainy Day :

    If you save something, especially money, for a rainy day, you save it for some possible problem or trouble in the future.

    Raise Cain :

    If someone raises cain, they make a big fuss publicly causing a disturbance.

    Raise Eyebrows :

    If something raises eyebrows, it shocks or surprises people.

    Rake Over Old Coals :

    If you go back to oil problems and try to bring them back making trouble for someone, you are raking over old coals.

    Rake Someone over The Coals :

    If you rake someone over the coals, you criticize or scold them severely.

    Rank and File :

    The rank and file are the ordinary members of a company and organization excluding the managers and directors.

    Rake Over Old Coals
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