References to Give to Employers upon Request

References to Give to Employers upon Request :


1253 College Avenue,
CA 92134

In almost all cases, you will NOT submit references with your resume. Instead bring them to your interviews to furnish upon request.

For a polished look, use the same header style for your contact information on your reference sheet that you use for your resume and cover letter.

Secure 3-5 references prior to interviews. References should be people who have supervised you in an academic or hands-on setting like a job, internship, or volunteer position.

Friends, family, and well-known people who do not know you well are not good references - they can say little about your potential for success.


Deborah Smith
Director of Marketing
ADworks Corporation
2 Sacramento Plaza, Suite 2434
San Francisco, CA 94311
(415) 555-0477

Philip Blass, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Psychology
3210 Tolman Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 555-3175

Sylvia Nunez
Tutoring Programs Coordinator
Berkeley Tutoring Center
695 College Ave.
Berkeley, CA 92431
(510) 555-4892

References to Give to Employers upon Request