Resume Checklist

Resume Checklist :

STOP! Don’t submit your resume until you have checked off this list!

Are your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address at the top of the page?

Is the resume pleasing to the eye with an easy to read font, good layout? Can an employer learn the basics about you with a 10 second glance at it?

Did you use bullets, bold, all capitals and underlining to highlight the parts you want to emphasize (e.g., job titles)?

Did you tailor your resume for the position by including key skills and experiences the employer wants?

Is information listed in order of importance and relevance to the requirements listed in the job description?

Does the resume avoid generalities and provide specific information about context, actions taken and results?

Do most phrases begin with action verbs such as “developed,” “initiated,” etc.?

Have you been accurate and truthful about your accomplishments rather than being too modest or exaggerating?

Did you check the spelling of every word and make sure the grammar and punctuation are correct?

If you know your resume will be scanned, did you omit columns, underlining, and bullets?

Have you had a Career Center counselor or peer advisor critique it?

If you were the employer, would you call you for an interview?

Resume Checklist