Resume DOs and DONOTs

Resume DOs and DONOTs :

Resume Dos

Make your professional summary relevant and concise.

Focus on the specific results of your work, significant achievements and recognition received.

Use action verbs such as created or coordinated to describe your experience.

Get feedback from several people, including a career counselor.

Have somebody whose writing skills you trust proofread your resume for spelling and grammatical errors.

Remember to describe both your paid and unpaid positions and volunteer experiences.

Exercise restraint rather than cramming too much information onto a resume.

Tailor your resume to each specific position.

Omit experiences that you would not want to repeat in future positions unless they are necessary for the job.

Use readable and common fonts.

Resume DONOTs

Do not Use phrases such as RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDED.

Do not Use resume templates included in word processing software.

Do not manipulate margins or font size to accommodate information in place of proper editing.

Do not include routine job duties such as making copies.

Do not Use long sentences or paragraphs.

Do not submit the same resume to every employer, regardless of the position.

Do not write long objectives such as, “To find a sales position at a medium sized corporation where I can grow and develop my management skills”

Resume DOs and DONOTs