Retirement Letter

Retirement Letter :

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Dear _____________,

One of the jobs of the director of human resources is to ensure that the office is running smoothly and all work is completed on time and correctly. This can be difficult if employees are out of the office due to illness, vacation time, or maternity/paternity leave. That is when you can turn to Office Temps.

Office Temps can provide you with a trained employee who can help your office run smoothly in the absence of a regular employee. Office Temps employs over 500 people; they are trained in a variety of fields that include accounting, computer programming, data processing, public relations, journalism, executive administration, and many more. Office Temps guarantees you will be able to find a person to fulfill your office’s needs.

Enclosed is an informational packet detailing the requirements and education of our employees, the interviewing process, payroll, and the expectations we have of the employers. For additional information, please call (012) 6555-2321. Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

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Retirement Letter