Rough-Hewn :

Rose-Coloured Glasses :

If people see things through rose-coloured glasses, they see them in a more positive light than they really are.

Rose-Tinted Glasses :

If people see things through rose-tinted glasses, they see them in a more positive light than they really are.

Rough and Ready :

If something is rough and ready, it has not been carefully prepared, but is fit for its purpose. If a person is rough and ready, they are not very refined or mannered.

Rough and Tumble of Life :

Evil days

  • He is quit an experienced man. Because, he has gone through the rough and tumble of life.

    Rough around The Edges :

    If someone is rough around the edges, they have not mastered something though they show promise.

    Rough Diamond :

    A rough diamond is a person who might be a bit rude but who is good underneath it all.

    Rough Edges :

    If something has rough edges, it is still not a finished product and not all of a uniform standard.

    Rough End of The Stick :

    To get the rough end of the stick is to be treated unfairly or to come off worse than the other party in a transaction, situation or relationship.

    Rough-Hewn :

    If something, especially something made from wood or stone, is rough-hewn, it is unfinished or unpolished.

  • Can you modify the rough–hewn surface of the outer walls of this house and give a marble finish to them?

    Round The Bend :

    If someone has gone round the bend, they have stopped being rational about something. If something drives you round the bend, it irritates you or makes you angry.

    Round The Houses :

    If you go round the houses, you do something in an inefficient way when there is a quicker, more convenient way.

    Rub Shoulders :

    If you rub shoulders with people, you meet spend time with them, especially when they are powerful or famous.

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