Run Out Of Gas

Run Out Of Gas :

Run It Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes. :

This idiom is used to suggest trying out an idea to see if people accept it.

Run Off Your Feet :

If you are run off your feet, you are extremely busy and don’t have enough time to do everything.

  • I had run of my feet, my daughter’s wedding is in the offing.

    Run Out Of Gas :

    If a campaign or project runs out of gas, it loses energy and momentum and progress sows or halts.

    Run Rings Around Someone :

    If you run rings around someone, you are so much better than them that they have no change of keeping up with you.

    Run Something into The Ground :

    If people run something into the ground, they treat or manage it so badly that they ruin it.

    Run The Gauntlet :

    To face the criticize

    If somebody is being criticized harshly by a lot of people, they are said to run the gauntlet.

  • Only a brave man can run the gauntlet after defying public opinion.

    Run The Show :

    If someone runs the show, they like to be in control and make all the decisions.

    Run To Ground :

    If you run someone or something to ground, you pursue until you capture or find them or it.

    Run Your Mouth Off :

    If someone runs their mouth off, they talk too much.

    Run-Of-The-Mill :

    If something is run-of-the-mill, there is nothing exceptional about it. It is ordinary or average.

    Running On Empty :

    If you are exhausted but keep going, you are running on empty.

    Running Of Fumes :

    If someone has used all their energy on something, but must continue, they are running on fumes. It is an expression used when driving a car when the needle is on empty but still running. We say it is running on fumes.

    Run Out Of Gas
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