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This is a sample Sales Manager Cover Letter.

Date : 25th August 2009

From :

29/901 BN : Benet’s Street,
Kanchi Nager,
Chennai : 600002.
044 – 2657 6522

To :

Mr. Jayaraman,
HR Manager,
Infotech Computer Solutions,
459/M : Mahabalipuram Road,
Thillai Nager,
Chennai : 600043
044 – 2837 4650

Respected Mr. Jayaraman,

I have wide experience as a Sales Manager with a successful background in new customer support solutions and latest sales and marketing strategies. I have an interest in knowing the needs of your reputed company. I am hopeful that I will fulfil them with my strategic approach.

By this letter, I am willing to take up a challenging opportunity to prove my selling skills to benefit your company and your clients by making the best of my success at HCL Computer Solutions. I have the best talents and wide experience to become one of your best performers. I have a deep knowledge of the strategic sales position in the market that will broaden my bottom line.

For your kind attention and perusal, I have attached a copy of my resume keeping my skills and goal in mind. Here are few of my strengths.
  • I have successfully got orders for computer software solutions from 87 clients.

  • For 5 consecutive years, I have been one of the top 5 sales people in my present company.

  • My communication skills are par excellence.

  • I know the regional languages of Tamil and Telugu.

  • I have the skills of changing myself to the demanding schedule.
  • I am looking forward to present my knowledge and skills to you. An opportunity for this purpose is most welcome.

    I am eagerly looking forward to meet you in person.

    Thanl YOU.

    Yours Sincerely,


    Enclosure : Resume

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