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Dear _____________,

The computer industry is constantly changing. New versions of software are being released, businesses are utilizing spreadsheets and databases for more and more purposes, presentations are compiled and presented using only the computer, companies are designing their own web pages, the list goes on and on. Employees need a way to keep ahead in this rapidly changing world. Every time a new program is developed you don’t want to hire a new employee, the trick is to train your current employees in utilizing this new technology. Knowledge Now is the answer.

Knowledge Now teaches computer classes targeted for employees within the business world. We demonstrate how new programs that are being used by today’s business; next, we teach your employees how to operate and use these programs. We have classes on Word, Power Point, Excel, Photoshop, PageMaker, and many more. We offer both day and evening classes for you convenience.

Enclosed is a brochure, sample course outlines, and a course schedule for the next six months. You can send just one employee or a whole department! For more information please call Madhu Takia at (012) 555-9274. The only way to succeed in business today is to stay on top of new businesses methods.

Yours Sincerely,

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Scholarship Letter