See Which Way The Cat Jumps

See Which Way The Cat Jumps :

Searching Question :

A searching question goes straight to the heart of the subject matter, possibly requiring an answer with a degree of honesty that the other person finds uncomfortable.

Second Thoughts :

If some has second thoughts, they start to think that an idea is not as good as it sounded at first and are starting to have doubts.

  • On second thoughts, I prefer to defer the proposal as of now.

    Second Wind :

    If you overcome tiredness and find new energy and enthusiasm, you have second wind.

    See Eye To Eye :

    If people see eye to eye, they agree about everything.

    See Red :

    If someone sees red, they become very angry about something.

  • When Ranjani saw her son coming home with a girl, I could see red in her face.

    See The Elephant :

    If you see the elephant, you experience much more than you wish to.

  • It is often used when a soldier goes into a war zone for the first time.

    See The Light :

    When someone sees the light, they realize the truth.

  • When I studied the report of the doctor, I could see the light.

    See Which Way The Cat Jumps :

    If you see which way the cat jumps, you postpone making a decision or acting until you have seen how things are developing.

    See You Anon :

    If somebody says this when leaving, they expect to see you again soon.

    See You Later :

    A casual way of saying to friends I‘ll see you again. (sometime without a definite date or time having been set)

    See You On The Big Drum :

    A good night phrase to children

    Seed Money :

    SEE MONEY is money that is used to start a small business.

  • I want you to advance me Rs. 50,000 as seed money to start the publication work.

    See Which Way The Cat Jumps
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