Semi-Indented Style

Styles of Business Letters

This is a sample letter written in Semi-Indented Style.

The Far East Paper Co. SDN BHD

3451, Jalan 13/35,
65/D-76 : Modern Street,
87212 Singapore
Phone : 5635 78724132
Fax : 5635 78724133

Your Reference :

Our Reference :

Date : 5 June 2007

Mr. John Mark,
152, Bunget Lodge,
23, Jalan Street,
87123 Singapore.

Dear Mr. Mark,

Semi-Indented Style

This style is quite different from the fully-indented style. In this
style, the recipient’s address is not indented. The recipient’s address is typed flushed on the left-hand side of the letter. The signature is also not indented.

This style is also not used widely these days. Since the companies
want to get their letters types in very short time, they started using computer generated methods. As fully-indented style, this style also takes more time to type the letters. So, the typists themselves started to avoid these styles.

Yours Sincerely,
For The Far East Paper Co. SDN BHD

M.K. Khoom,
Managing Partner


Styles of Business Letters

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