Serve Time

Serve Time :

Seeing is Believing. :

This idiom means that people can only really believe what they experience personally.

Seen Better Days :

If someone or something has seen better days, he/she/it has aged badly and visibly compared to when it was new.

Sell Down The River :

If you sell someone down the river, you betray their trust.

Sell Like Hot Cakes :

If something is selling like hot cakes, it is very popular and selling very well.

  • The career guide edited by Shrinivasan and published under our banner is selling like hot cakes.

    Sell Your Birthright for A Mess of Pottage :

    If a person sells his birthright for a mess of pottage, he/she accepts some trivial financial or other gain, but loses something much more important.

    SELL YOU SOUL FOR A MESS OF POTTAGE is an alternative form.

    Sell You Soul :

    If someone sells their soul, they betray the most precious beliefs.

    Send Someone Packing :

    If you send someone packing, you send them away normally when they want something from you.

    Send Someone To Coventry :

    If you send someone to Coventry, you refuse to talk to them or cooperate with them.

    Separate The Sheep From The Goats :

    If you separate the sheep from the goats, you sort out the good from the bad.

    Separate The Wheat From The Chaff :

    When you separate the wheat from the chaff, you select what is useful or valuable and reject what is useless or worthless.

    Serve Time :

    When someone is serving time, they are in prison.

    Serve Your Country :

    When someone is serving their country, they have enrolled in the military.

    Serve Time
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