Shoe is On The Other Foot.

Shoe is On The Other Foot. :

Sharp Cookie :

Someone who is not easily deceived or fooled is a sharp cookie.

Sharpen Your Pencil :

If someone says this when negotiating, they want the other person to make a better offer a lower price.

She’ll Be Apples :

A very popular old Australian saying meaning everything will be all right, often used when there is some doubt.

Shed Light :

If you shed light on something, you make it clearer and easier to understand.

Sheet-Anchor :

Chief support

  • Honesty alone is my sheet-anchor.

    Shifting Sands :

    If the sands are shifting, circumstances are changing.

  • During the time of elections, one can see all political parties shifting sands.

    Shillyshally :

    If people shillyshally, they cannot make up their minds about something and put off the decision.

    Ship Came In :

    If your ship has come in, something very good has happened to you.

    Shipshape and Bristol Fashion :

    If things are shipshape and Bristol fashion, they are in perfect working order.

    Shoe is On The Other Foot :

    If the shoe is on the other foot, someone is experiencing what they used to make others experience, normally negative things.

    Shoe-String :

    If you do something on a shoe-string, you try to spend the absolute minimum amount of money possible on it.

    Shoot Down in Flames :

    If someone demolishes your argument, it (and you) has been shot down in flames.

    Shoe is On The Other Foot.
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