Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under :

Sit On The Fence :

If someone sits on the fence, they try not to support either side in a dispute.

Sit Pretty :

Someone who is sitting pretty is in a very advantageous situation.

Sit Well With :

If something does not sit well with you, it does not please you or is not acceptable to you.

Sitting Duck :

A sitting duck is something or someone that is easy to criticize or target.

Six Feet Under :

If someone is six feet under, they are dead.

Six of One and Half-A-Dozen of The Other :

This is an idiom used when there is little or no difference between two options.

Sixes and Sevens :

If something is all at sixes and sevens, then there is a lot of disagreement and confusion about what should be done.

Sixty-Four-Thousand-Dollar-Question :

The sixty-four-thousand-dollar-question is the most important question that can be asked about something.

Skate on Thin Ice :

If someone is skating on thin ice, they are taking a big risk.

Skeleton in The Closet :

If someone has a skeleton in the closet, they have a dark, shameful secret in their past that they want to remain secret.

Skin and Bones :

If someone is skill and bones, they are very underweight and look bad.

Skin in The Game :

A person who has skin in the game has invested in the company they are running.

Six Feet Under

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