Some Points to Remember

Basics of Business Letters

There are some points to remember. To write a good business letter, some points need to be remembered and used.

1. First of all, you must know what you want to say. It is of no use talking about the foreign exchange rates when all you want is to order some goods. So just write about ordering the goods and not anything else.

2. Be brief but clear. What you want to say should be as upto-the-point and as concise as possible. Busy business people do not have much time to waste reading long letters or irrelevant things. They also do not have the time to decode not-well-written messages. They just want to get their business managed is short and profitably. A well-written (preferably one page) letter that just says what it wants quickly and clearly will get the job done with the minimum of hassle. These two add to the effectiveness of your letter.

3. Be accurate with your facts and figures. A letter that contains vague facts or figures is not an effective letter. The recipient will not be able to act on such a letter, for he or she will not know what to do. For example, how does the recipient go about filling out an order for "a few dozen assorted water-resistant watches"? You have got to state the exact number and the exact model of the watches. Otherwise the recipient will probably throw the letter away and forget the whole matter.

4. Use simple straightforward language. Write as you would speak, but use grammatically correct sentences and spelling. A business letter is not place to show off one's mastery of a language or to impress your business contacts. If you are tempted to use a word you are unsure of, look it up in the dictionary first or better still, use another simpler word that you are sure of. The letter is simply for communication, nothing else. Keep it as simple as possible. Above all do not use abusive or obscene language. That will destroy a good business relationship. Also you might be hauled to court for saying those things. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Basics of Business Letters

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