Squeeze Blood Out Of A Turnip

Squeeze Blood Out Of A Turnip :

Square Meal :

A square mile is a substantial or filling meal.

Square Mile :

The square mile is the city, the financial area of London.

Square Peg In A Round Hole :

If somebody’s in a situation and organization where they don’t fit in and feel out of place, they are a square peg in a round hole.

Square The Circle :

When someone is squaring the circle, they are trying to do something impossible.

Squared Away :

Being prepared or ready for business or tasks at hand

Having the proper knowledge, skill and equipment to handle your assignment or station

  • He is a great addition to the squad. He is squared away.

    Squeaky Clean :


    If something is squeaky clean, it is very clean indeed.

    If a person is squeaky clean, they have no criminal record and are not suspected of illegal or immoral activities.

    Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease. :

    When people say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, they mean that the person who complains or protests the loudest attracts attention and service.

    Squeeze Blood Out Of A Turnip :

    When people say that you cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip, it means that you cannot get something from a person especially money that they don’t have.

    Stalking Horse :

    A stalking horse is a strategy or something used to conceal your intentions. It is used where someone put themselves forwards as a candidate to divide opponents or to hide the real candidate.

    Stand In Good Stead :

    If something will stand you in good stead, it will probably be advantageous in the future.

    Stand Out :

    Not to comply

  • The teacher coaxed, persuaded and punished the boy but he stood out to the last.

    Star in The Ascendant :


  • His stars seem to be in the ascendant these days as he is going from strength to strength.

    Squeeze Blood Out Of A Turnip
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