Sticky Wicket

Sticky Wicket :

Stew In Your Own Juices :

If you leave someone to stew in their own juices, you leave them to worry about the consequences of what they have done wrong or badly.

Stick In Your Craw :

If someone or something really annoys you, it is said to stick in your craw.

Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb :

If something sticks or stands out like a sore thumb, it is clearly and obviously different from the things that are around it.

Stick To Your Guns :

If you stick to your guns, you keep your position even though people attack or criticize you.

Stick Your Neck Out :

If you stick your neck out, you take a risk because you believe in something.

Stick In The Mud :

A person who is old-fashioned

A STICK IN THE MUD is someone who does not like change the way he does things or innovate and wants things to stay the same.

Sticking Point :

A sticking point is a controversial issue that blocks progress in negotiations where compromise is unlikely or impossible.

  • The perfect logistics in distribution is the only sticking point in our business.

    Sticky End :

    If someone comes to a sticky end, they die in an unpleasant way.

    Sticky Fingers :

    The tendency to keep (or steal) an object you touch

    Also to steal something quickly without anyone noticing

  • You stole that guy’s wallet? You have some sticky fingers, my friend.

    Sticky Wicket :

    If you are on a sticky wicket, you are in a difficult situation.

    Stiff As A Poker :

    Something or someone that is stiff as a poker is inflexible.

    Stiff Upper Lip :

    If you keep your emotions to yourself and don’t let others know how you feel when something bad happens, you keep a stiff upper lip.

    Sticky Wicket
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