Stiff-Necked :

Stiff-Necked :

A stiff-necked person is rather formal and finds it hard to relax in company.

Still In The Game :

If someone is skill in the game, they may be having troubles competing. But they are not yet finished and may come back.

Still Waters Run Deep :

People use this idiom to imply that people who are quiet and don’t attract attention are often more interesting than people who do try to get attention.

Stir The Blood :

If something stirs your blood, it arouses feelings or passions.

  • Dressed pretty in a pink saree, Mena stirred my blood.

    Stich In Time Saves Nine :

    A STICH IN TIME SAVES means that if a job needs to be done, it is better to do it now. Because it will only get worse, like a hole in clothes that requires stitching.

    Stock-In-Trade :

    A person’s mental resources

  • Ill-digested knowledge was all his stock-in-trade.

    Stone Dead :

    This idiom is a way of emphasizing that there were absolutely no signs of life or movement.

    Stone Deaf :

    Someone who is stone deaf is completely deaf.

    Stone’s Throw :

    Very near

    If a place is a stone’s throw from where you are, It is very short distance away.

  • My office is at a stone’s throw from my house.

    Stool Pigeon :

    A stool pigeon is a police informer.

    Stop Cold :

    To stop suddenly out of surprise

    Storm in A Teacup :

    If someone exaggerates a problem or makes a small problem to make it seem far greater than it really is, then they are making a storm in a teacup.

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