Style of Address

Parts of A Business Letter

The Style of Address is the address of the person to whom you are writing the letter. His/her name, his/her title (if relevant), the name and the address of the company in which he/she is working should be included in this address. The style of address is also called Inside Address or Recipient’s Address or TO Address.

This address should be written in the left-hand side of the letterhead.

Mr. Hendry Hun,
Financial Manager,
Petrotech Company Ltd.,
762 : Jalan Madhir,
90812 Kuala Lumpur.

Before writing this, you should choose the correct form of writing your letter. The postal code of the town in which the recipient is should be added. You should be aware of the different ways of writing the postal codes which are used in different countries. By adding the correct form of the postal codes, you will make an impressive letter. Few countries use short forms for their states or counties or territories. You should add the same form of abbreviations so as to make your letter informed of what is the custom there.

A letter without the correct postal codes is treated shoddily. You should fold your letter in such a way that the address of the receiver should appear in the window of the envelope which you use.

While using the title of the person, do not use Esq. This should never be used in front of Mr. Mrs. Dr. and Miss.

You can write Mr. Hendry Hun, Dr. Hendry Hun or Hendry Hun Esq.

You should not write Mr. Hendry Hun Esq.

If that person is a surgeon, then he/she should be referred to as Mr. not as Dr.

Esq. should not be used together with Mr. Mrs. Dr. and Miss.

Use Miss. Mrs. or Madam when addressing woman. These days women prefer to be addressed with Ms.

Messrs. should be used for addressing a partnership company unless the name of the business begins with THE or the title of the person.

Messrs. S.T. Raman & Bros.,
The One-Stop Music Stores,
Sir Ronald Stevens & Co.,

Messrs. should never be used for limited companies.

Chennai Textiles Pvt. Ltd.,
OHM Wools Pvt. Ltd.,

Parts of A Business Letter

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