Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

YOU are wasting time and energy when you concentrate your strength in your argument and then fail to turn desire into action. What is the use of making the prospect want your goods if you wind up your letter with a close that lets him feel he might as well wait a day or two? Let him wait and the chances are that next day your competitor comes along with a letter that strikes home. Then he gets the business and your letter slides from the hold-over file into the waste basket.

Make your prospect want to order, of course, but don’t stop there. Make it easy for him to order and make him do it now. That is what is meant by real climax - it tells the prospect what to do and when to do it - it crystallizes all that goes before into the act itself.

Every successful climax has two parts. The first consists of what we have termed persuasion and inducement - it summarizes all the preceding strong points of the letter, it shows the gain that is mine in ordering, the loss that is mine by delay. It emphasizes return and minimizes cost. It is the paragraph that says :

“Just think what you are getting - this and this and this, all for the small sum of__, think what it means to you, to your future. And remember, you do not risk one penny. Every cent of your money will be returned to you if you are not satisfied. Why delay a single moment?”

When he reads that, your man is almost ready to act. But not quite, for your climax lacks the clincher. What is he to do to get all the things you offer? Tell him. Make it so plain and so easy that he will have not a reason in the world for not ordering. If you don’t, you haven’t finished your letter, and lacking the effect of that clincher your prospect I going to lapse from his “almost ready” attitude back into indifference.

Summary and Climax of Business Letter