Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

NOW how can you get him to act? Go back to the star salesman. How does he do it? He gives you something to sign. He lays before you an order blank complete save only for your signature. Note how easy he has made it for you to order; he does not ask that you hunt up a letterhead and draw up an order of your own. He has the order all printed and there within your easy reach.

Just apply his idea to your letter. Give the man something to sign. A post card filled out, addressed and ready to mail, a coupon that simply awaits his name - or some little easy-as-lifting-your-finger act to do that makes answering almost automatic.

There is something marvelous about the tempting power of the little blank that awaits your name when it is rightly employed. No man likes to be bulldozed by another into signing anything. He balks when the tactless salesman literally shoves the order before him and attempts to force his signature. Force instantly finds the touch-button of his antagonism.

But watch the clever salesman who has learned the subtle influence of the waiting blank itself. He places the order before you but he lets it do its own tempting. He talks not the order but the goods, not your name, but your needs. And when you pick up your pen and sign your name you do so on your own initiative because you want the goods he sells.

Now the beauty of all this is that the clever salesman’s methods fit perfectly into the scheme of paper salesmanship. Build up your interest, argument, persuasion and inducement and the, when you have your prospect convinced, almost ready to say “I will buy,” do as the salesman does, make it easy for him to decide, literally lay a waiting order blank before him.

Refer him to your little business-getting supplement - the blank or card or coupon. Simply tell him what to do and what the result will be; say, “You do this and we will do that.” And with perfect selfassurance that whatever move he makes will be of his own choice, your man will find ordering so easy that he can’t resist, he will “sign and mail today.”

Summary and Climax of Business Letter