Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

NOTE for example, how simple an act one house makes ordering: “Merely sign the last page of the booklet enclosed—pin a two dollar bill to it—and mail us today.” Elementary, isn’t it? No writing a letter, no buying a draft. The homesteader on a stage route with the stub of a pencil and a two-dollar note could answer that letter as well as an executive surrounded by a bevy of stenographers.

There are two essentials to a successful clincher of this kind: it must give the reader something easy to do, and it must be clear. Virtually your offer is a contract and its terms should be so simple, its conditions so eminently fair that the reader can find no reason for not accepting it.

These people exemplify the idea perfectly when the say: “Simply pin a $2.00 bill to this letter as a deposit, and we will send the book by the first mail. Look the book over carefully. If you don’t see a dollar’s worth in almost every page, write a mere postal and we will return your $2.00 “There are not restrictions, no conditions, no strings on this offer. It is open to every wellrated businessman who acts before the first edition of the book is exhausted. Pin your $2.00 to the letter and mail today.”

Could anything be plainer? And could a man find one good sound reason for not accepting that offer? Here is another: “Simply wrap your three dollars in this letter and mail it now—not after lunch, for things to be done after lunch are often not done at all. But now when this letter is before you, when you need merely wrap your check or the bills in it and mail to me at my risk. And then the orders may come and the goods may go, by the hundreds—but you will be sure of your set by immediate prepaid shipment.”

Of course there are variations unnumbered to such closes. A typewriter company uses the idea admirably when it says :

“The factory is working to the limit these days and we are behind on orders now. But we are going to hold the machine we have reserved for you a few days longer. After that we may have to use it to fill another order. Sign and send us the enclosed blank today and let us place the machine where it will be of real service to you. Remember it is covered by a guarantee that protects you against disappointment. If you don’t like it, simply return it and back comes your money.”

Summary and Climax of Business Letter