Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

THE simpler the order to be signed the better. A coupon of a dozen words can often tell the whole story. If no money is to accompany the reply, an addressed post card bearing a printed request is best of all. “Simply sign the enclosed card and drop it in the mail” borders on the extreme of easy ordering.

There is something about a guarantee blank. Too that coaxes the pen to its dotted line. A safety razor manufacturer who sold his goods on approval enclosed with his sales letter a legal looking return contract that read.


“I deposit herewith $2.50 for which please send me absolutely without further cost your Razor. It is understood that if I am not perfectly satisfied with my investment I will return the razor to you within ten days and you will refund my full $2.50 promptly and cheerfully, canceling the order.”

Such a protective guarantee wins the confidence of the prospect, and this form got many a buyer because it showed him specifically that he could not lose.

A correspondence school found a winner, too, in a serially numbered coupon which is enclosed with a letter telling of a special offer to students. Each coupon read:

“This serial coupon will be accepted as $5.00 in cash payment toward the tuition for our regular $18, twelve-weeks’ course in bookkeeping, if properly signed and mailed within seven days following receipt of this letter.”

But when you give your man something to sign, guard well against obscurity. It is human nature to search a wordy order blank for statements with double meaning.

Summary and Climax of Business Letter