Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

THERE never was a proposition that didn’t have possibilities of a sales climax and there never was a sales letter that didn’t have a place for a clincher. If you can’t give the reader something to sign, do the next easiest thing. Note, for example, the way the man winds up who solicits my typewriter ribbons for re-inking.

“A trial will convince you, and the sooner you send them the more you’ll save. Why not press the button and have them packed up and shipped right now?”

A good climax is the antithesis of procrastination. It gets the reader in motion. It tells him what to do.

It makes him reach for his pen, sign and seal and stamp his order and hike for the mail box.

The clincher is the only kind of a close that makes a sales letter bring results. Give your man something to sign or at least give him something to easy to do that he can’t help doing it. Tell him how and what to do and to do it today. Try it and you will find your sales letters picking up the shekels like a magnet.

The Present Task

PUT into every letter and every paragraph your undivided and focused force.

Concentrate your thought upon it, undiluted with the worries of the past and unaffected by anticipations.

Give each problem your best. Finish it - and then forget it.

Summary and Climax of Business Letter