Summary and Climax of Business Letter

Summary and Climax of Business Letter :

SUPPOSE a salesman came into your office with an article, demonstrated its qualities, proved your need of it and its value to you, made you want it so badly that you were just reaching into your pocket to pay for it - and then, when he could have your money for the asking, suppose he suddenly strapped up his sample case, said “I will be glad to talk to you more about this some other time,” and walked out the door.

What kind of a salesman would you call him?

A shoe manufacturer tried to sell me a pair of shoes by mail. He wrote a letter that had me interested, convinced, almost ready to buy. Then instead of a clincher that decided me, I struck this last paragraph.

“We solicit further correspondence with you concerning our proposition.” What did I do? I shot that letter into the wastebasket, and bought a pair of shoes on my way home.

Any difference between the absurdly imaginary salesman in the first paragraph and the very actual letter writer in the second? Not a bit.

But suppose the shoe manufacturer had closed by saying: “Simply check the size and style you want on the enclosed blank, sign and mail it today with $3.00 in any convenient form and the shoes will come to you at once al charges paid.” Suppose he had said that! The chances are a hundred to one he would have my money now and I would be wearing his shoes.

And there you have in a nutshell the vital essential that makes or kills a sales letter.

Summary and Climax of Business Letter