Swear Like A Trooper

Swear Like A Trooper :

Stubborn As A Mule :

Someone who will not listen to other people’s advice and won’t change their way of doing things is as stubborn as a mule.

Stuck Up :


  • His unpopularity is partly due to his being stuck up.

    Stuff and Nonsense :

    Meaningless talk

  • I cannot tolerate your stuff and nonsense.

    Stuffed To The Gills :

    If someone is stuffed to the gills, they have eaten a lot and are very full.

  • “Shall I get you an ice cream,” the host asked Rani. “Thank you, no more for me, I am stuffed to the gills,” she replied.

    Succeed In The Clutch :

    If you succeed in the clutch, you perform at a crucial time.

    It is particularly used in sports for the decisive moments of the game.

    The opposite is FAIL IN THE CLUTCH.

    Sum and Substance :

    Core point

  • The sum and substance of his speech is that our economic policy is unproductive.

    Sunday Driver :

    A Sunday driver drives very slowly and makes unexpected maneuvers.

    Sure As Eggs Is Eggs :

    These means absolutely certain and we do say IS even though out is grammatically wrong.

    Sure-Fire :

    If something is sure-fire, it is certain to succeed.

    Swan Song :

    A person’s swan song is their final achievement of public appearances.

    Swear Like A Sailor :

    Someone who is foul-mouthed and used bad language all the time swears like a sailor.

    Swear Like A Trooper :

    Someone who is foul-mouthed and uses bad language all the time swears like a trooper.

    Swear Like A Trooper
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