Syllables :

A dictionary gives another important type of information, more useful, perhaps, in speaking English than in writing it, but which you should still be aware of.

A syllable is part of a word which contains a vowel.

A word which has only one vowel sound is a word of one syllable.

For example… small

A word which has two vowel sounds has two syllables.

For example… English (Eng-lish)

A word which has three vowel sounds has three syllables.

For example… alphabet (al-pha-bet)

In English, when a word has more than just one syllable, one of the syllables will - when speaking - be stressed or sounded more strongly or accented. A dictionary might show you the syllable in a word which must be accented, by printing the symbol ’ after it or by printing ’ before it.

The system used in the dictionary you have is likely to be explained in the front of it.

It is important you read and understand the system being used.

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