The Body of The Letter

The Body of The Letter :

The body of the letter conveys your feelings or expressions to the addressee. The message of the letter is conveyed in the body of the letter. The personal letters should not be very lengthy as an essay. They should be short and sweet.

Some hints are given below on how to write a body of personal letter effectively.

(a) Be familiar in your style. Avoid the frequent use of I which appears egotistical. Instead of the usage I THINK, you can mention IT APPEARS THAT etc.Instead of the line I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR ARRIVAL, one can use the sentence, “it will give us great pleasure if you are kind enough to visit us” etc. you can use expressions such as “How are You?” “I am O.K. Are you alright” etc.

(b) Use simple language. In personal letters, long sentence are to be avoided. Simple words are to be used. Whatever you want to say, you can say directly and informally.

(c) In letters, unpleasant messages are to be avoided. Do not say offensive or irritating things to others in a letter. Rudeness does not find a place in letters. Be polite.

(d) Do not write lengthy letters. Divide the letters into several paragraphs. Use smaller sentences so that the letter can be understood very easily.

(e) Make your writing legible. Avoid scribbling. The other person should be able to understand your handwriting. The pleasure that your friend might have in getting your letter will be spoiled if it is difficult for him to read your handwriting.

(f) Make it an important point to read your letter after completing it. You might have omitted a word while writing in haste. One or two avoidable words might have entered in the letter. You can make corrections in spelling, punctuation and in expressions. Sometimes, letter writers forget to sign the letter. All these errors can be avoided. A wrong sentence creates problems which will be difficult to solve.

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