The Die Is Cast.

The Die Is Cast. :

That Is The Way The Cookie Crumbles. :

THAT IS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES means that things do not always turn out the way we want.

That Makes Two of Us :

A speaker says THAT MAKES TWO OF US to indicate agreement with what another speaker just said.

  • I can say, “I wish I would win the lottery.” A listener who says “that makes two of us” is indicating the he or she wants to win the lottery too.

    That Ship Has Sailed :

    A particular opportunity has passed you by when that ship has sailed.

    That’s All She Wrote :

    This idiom is used to show that something has ended and there is nothing more to say about something.

    The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree. :

    Offspring grow up to be like their parents

    The Augustan Age :

    The period of highest refinement in any national literature

  • The reign of Queen Anne is often called the Augustan age of England.

    The Ball’s in Your Court. :

    If somebody says this to you, they mean that it is you to decide or take the next step.

    The Be All And End All :

    The phrase THE BE ALL AND END ALL means that a something is the final or ultimate outcome or result of a situation or event.

    The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall. :

    This idiom means that the more powerful have more to lose, so when they suffer something bad, it is worse for them.

    The Common Weal :

    If something is done for the common weal, it is done in the interests and for the benefit of the majority or the general public.

    The Die Is Cast. :

    A final decision has been taken.

  • It seems that the die is cast. I shall have to resign my post.

    The Fifth Column :

    Agents or spies

  • All the Muslims in India should not be regarded as the fifth column of Pakistan.

    The Die Is Cast.
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