The Ending

The Ending :

The tone of the ending should be in keeping with the tune of the form of salutation. The ending contains the last line of your letter and hence it is to be written carefully.

For close friends or blood-relations, the ending can be as…

Yours Affectionately
Your Loving Daughter
Your Loving Son
Your Affectionate Brother
I remain…

For those who are not related by blood, the letter can end as…

Yours Sincerely
Yours Affectionately
Yours Ever

The endings are sometimes written in reverse order as….

Sincerely Yours
Affectionately Yours

A student addressing his teacher or headmaster usually ends his / her letter as…

Yours Obediently
Your Obedient Student

After writing as yours sincerely or yours obediently, the writer puts his signature. In school exams, the examination number should be written in the place of signature.

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