The English Used in Business Letters

The English Used in Business Letters :

We have explained that business letter-writers today should always use clear, everyday English in their communications. The language of their letters should be straightforward, but must not be simple or childish or imply that the writer is talking down to the addressee as that could annoy and even cause offence.

For Example…

Such words as little and nice should be avoided in many cases. They can and should be replaced by more descriptive adjectives.

Small, tiny, minute or minuscule as the case might be could be used instead of little.

Good, fine, superb or excellent as the case might be could be used instead of nice.

Every business letter-writer needs to possess a good vocabulary. That term refers to the number of words which a person knows well and can use correctly in speaking and writing.

A good vocabulary will enable you to write business letters in language which is clear and interesting and which will encourage each addressee to read the whole letter.

If an addressee becomes bored or distracted, he or she might not continue reading the letter.

You should aim to build up a vocabulary of between 10,000 and 20,000 English words. There are a number of ways in you can learn new words.

One is by reading books written by good authors and by reading quality magazines and similar publications.

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