The Layout of Business Letters

The Layout of Business Letters :

Indentation :

Specimen Letter is indented. That is… the first line in each of its paragraphs starts a few spaces in from the left-hand margin.

However, in some countries and by the preference of some executives in others, it is common for all the lines of a business letter to start at the left-hand margin.

Justification :

In Specimen Letter, the lines of type are not all of the same length and do not all finish level or flush against the right-hand margin.

Modern machines with word processing packages can justify the lines of a letter so that all those which contain sufficient words end exactly at the right-hand margin.

And that can be done whether the paragraphs are indented or not.

In some enterprises standard layouts might be set down for all letters written on behalf of them and all typists, computer input operators and Pas / secretaries must conform to those laid down specifications.

In other enterprises executives are free to have their letters laid out according to their own preferences, and to instruct their Pas / secretaries and others who type their letters accordingly.

Other executives leave the choice of layout to their Pas / secretaries.

Blocking :

Some executives dislike indenting and like right-hand justification and so their letters are typed in what is called the block layout - which some think appears modern whilst others prefer the more traditional layout.

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