The Problem-Agitation-Solution Formula

The Problem-Agitation-Solution Formula :

An easy formula to use is called “problem-agitation-solution.” This is a great way to get your prospective customers all emotionally charged-up to do something about their problem.

First you should understand people will act to avoid pain as much as possible. That’s why this works so well.

1. To begin with, you must define your prospect’s pain is…

Since I do a lot of work with cosmetic surgeons, let me give you an example from that profession.

Their prospective patient’s pain buttons could be: Looking older than they feel by losing their hair. Or maybe looking older because of wrinkles and lines on their face. Or having a bulge that never goes away no matter how much exercise or dieting they suffer through.

2. The next step is to agitate the problem, really stir up their emotions and get them to realize nothing they are doing will work to solve their problem.

Here’s how I accomplish this for that target group: “You can exercise on the stair master till you’re blue in the face and you can starve yourself on the latest grapefruit diet but you still won’t get rid of your ‘trouble spots’!

3. And then finally you offer the solution to their problem. You are their white knight coming to the rescue to vanish their troubles.

This really works and the best copywriters in America all use this formula.


Believe it or not a change in ink color has been shown to improve results when sending out direct mail.

If possible you should always use the color “process or reflex blue” when having your signature printed on a letter. Your printer will know what color blue this is. Or if you’re signing your letters by hand use a blue felttip pen.

Also practice your signature so it looks bold and powerful. Don’t let look weak, like you’re apologizing for bothering them.

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The Problem-Agitation-Solution Formula