The Salutation

The salutation is an important part of a personal letter. The salutation expresses the level of relationship or intimacy between the addressee and the letter writer.

Your family members can be addressed as…

My dear father
My dear mother
My dear brother
My dear sister

If younger person has to write a letter to elders in any other family, the salutation to be used is

Dear Uncle
Dear Auntie

If one wishes to write a letter to his close friend, he or she can be addressed as…

My Dear Rama
My Dear Siva
My Dear Mala
My Dear Sita

In case of letters written to a person of the same age or social status, the addressee can be addressed as…

Dear Mr. Bala
Mr. Gopi
Dear Mrs. Mala

If the writer wants to write without any personal touch to a person who is not a close relative or intimate friend, the addressee can be simply addressed as Sir.

While addressing a woman, the salutation can be as

Dear Madam
Dear Miss Selvi
Dear Mrs. Balachandran

simply as Madam

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