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The Scholar's Computer Bookclub

100 of the world's most loved and honored literary works are nowavailable in an easy to use, instantly-search CD-ROM format!

Only Rs.960!

Plus, as an added bonus, you will receive these

free gifts valued at over Rs.10000

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Rs.3599 value

)A Collection of Great Poets (Rs.5199 value)

The Documents of Freedom (Rs.1599 value)

Dear _____________,

You read it right! Now you can own a complete computerized library containing the greatest books in history - for just 23 cents each! Plus, if you order within the next 45 days, you'll also receive three additional sets of important literary classics ( a Rs.10398 value) absolutely free!

Yes, yes we understand all the publishers are getting mad.You see, for years all those book-a-month people have been getting rich by luring you in with the greatest deal of a classic for Rs.200. Next, they hit you with a forty dollar title.

Well, this deal is putting a major crimp in their plan! We want you to be among the first to take advantage of what is being called....

The best deal on a classical library ever!

For just Rs.959 you are getting the greatest works of literature, all at once. There's no catch and no risk. The Scholar's Computer Bookclub will grant you a full one-yearmoney-back guarantee!

This is more than just a collection of humankind's greatest books. With its state-of-theart search engine technology, The Scholar's Computer Bookclub turns your Mac or PC into a kind of literary workhorse this world has never seen.

What's so great about the Scholar's Computer Bookclub?

First of all, The Scholar's Computer Bookclub gives you a selection of the world's alltime greatest literary woks - hand-picked by a panel of experts from India's leading academic institutions.

These are the works that you and your whole family will love having unlimited access to.

They're the books that have shaped man's thoughts for decades, centuries, and beyond. These are the books you'll want to enjoy again and again throughout your lifetime.

Without question, these are works of art that will enrich your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

However, The Scholar's Computer Bookclub provides you with more than just great reading material. It gives you a whole new way to harness technology to get the most out of our great literary heritage. Thanks to its base in CD-ROM technology, you can usethe Scholar's Computer Bookclub in way you never be able to use a set of books.

The Scholar's Computer Bookclub puts you in command of what you read and how you read it! See for yourself:

Search for any phrase, name, or subject and instantly find the books that mention it -- and with a single mouse click, you'll pinpoint exactly where it appears anywhere in the thousands of pages of these great literary works.

Read in a type size that's right for your vision. Select any work and print it out, chapter-by-chapter, in the type size that's best for you. Just think of the advantages this will give to seniors and children just learning to read.

Copy any text into your word processor for use in your own reports, articles, speeches, stories, and more.

Make notes as you read. This program allows you to leave electronic bookmarks or dog ear your favorite passages. You can also print pages with room built-in for margin notations. This is a great tool for studying the classics, improving yourvocabulary, and much more.

Cut out offensive language. As a parent, you want to share these great books with your children, but you may also wish to replace some of the offensive phrases and words. By using the global replace feature in your word processor, now you can.

Yes, we know. Our CD-ROM isn't as pretty as a fancy leather-bound library of books. However, while a wall of books might make you look smart when someone enters your home, The Scholar's Computer Bookclub will make you look and sound smart no matterwhere you go! This happens because The Scholar's Computer Bookclub is...

The first home library you'll actually use!

Unlike a dusty old shelf full of books, The Scholar's Computer Bookclub won't just there. It's so easy and fun to use, you'll find yourself going back to it time and time again. Keep this CD-ROM right by your computer for instant reference, or take it with you to school, work, your grandparent's --anywhere there is a PC or Mac.

The best pat of owing this library is what it can do for you. Just imagine all the ways you can put the classics, in combination with this new technology, to work for you:

Spice up your conversation by quoting the greats. Use this search engine to comb The Scholar's Computer Bookclub for clever quotes on any subject. You can then toss them off nonchalantly as you chat with friends and co-workers. You can also giveyour reports and speeches a good introduction by using a few choice words from the greatest minds in history.

Give your kids the A+ advantage in school. The Scholar's Computer Bookclub give your child an edge in classes like English and History. It's a great resource for bookreports and more. Think of it as a pocket calculator for literature! It can make reading the classics fun.

Impress you friends with knowledge of their favorite classical literature. For instance, your date gets weak in the knees thinking of Chaucer; now you can toss out a line you read from The Canterbury Tales. Your boss keeps quoting Dickens, fine, nowyou can quote right back at him.

Get inspiration from the masters. Anytime you're stumped for ideas, or you'd like the help of a little age old wisdom, just type in your subject and discover what the great authors have said.

Have your PC or Mac read the classics aloud. Utilizing our optional Read Aloud feature, your PC or Mac can actually read you to sleep. Lately, scientists have proven like getting a classical education overnight!

You can also record your own cassette classics and listen to them on your way to work.

Now do you understand the potential?

The Scholar's Computer Bookclub can make reading and learning fun and useful.

Thanks to The Scholar's Computer Bookclub, your family will gain hundreds of hours of enjoyment from reading all the great works of literature, including: Aesop's Fables, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Call of the Wild, The Raven, Moby Dick, War and Peace, Tom Sawyer, The Scarlet Letter, and many more!

A complete library of the classics has never been this easy to use or afford!

This library gives you Rs.27090 worth of classical books -- including many hard to find titles. Imagine owning a complete library of the greatest books of all time -- for just 23cents each! That's less than the cost of a piece of gum.

We're not stopping there! If you act now, we'll also include three free gifts with your order: The Complete Works of Shakespeare (a Rs.3599value), A Collection of Great Poets (a Rs.5199 value), The Documents of Freedom (a Rs.1599 value). A total value of over Rs.10 360 all for free!

Plus, you can even hear your PC read you the classics!

For just an additional Rs.438, we'll also include the revolutionary Read Aloud Feature that lets you hear any text in The Scholar's Computer Bookclub as natural-soundingspeech just by highlighting it!

To order your copy of The Scholar's Computer Bookclub for just Rs.959 (and receive the other FREE works), just call toll free at (011) 23765478, mail the enclosed order card, orsend it to us by fax at 1-749-555-2948.

We have all been university professors for many years now, and through a lifetime of reading, each one of us has dreamed of helping as many people as possible enjoy the reading of the classics of literature. We see this product - and this great deal - as the perfect way to fulfill that dream.

However, please remember we can only offer this introductory bargain for the next 45 days. (Our distributors are chomping at the bit to put this product out on their shelves for3198 a pop!) So please don't miss this chance to bring these classics home for the use of you and your family at this terrific price!

Yours Sincerely,

(The Sender's Signature)

The Sender's Name

Note : One year 100% money-back guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied with The Scholar's Computer Bookclub, simply return it within one year and we'll give you yourmoney back.

Note : Get over Rs.10 360 in FREE gifts if you order now! Order The Scholar's Computer Bookclub for just Rs.959 and we'll throw in The Complete Works of Shakespeare, A Collection of Great Poets, and The Documents of Freedom all on CD-ROM.

Note : We'll really feeling generous right now, so when order The Scholar's Computer Bookclub for you can buy any of these following products for just Rs.440 each.Try Bardlett's Familiar Quotations on CD-ROM (a Rs.838 value) or Compton'sInteractive Encyclopedia on CD-ROM (a Rs.2398 value). In addition, you can pick up another great library, The Great Thinkers (a Rs.2398 value) filled with history-shapingwritings from authors, statesmen, and scientists like Plato, Aristotle, Darwin, Nietsche, Marx, Freud, and many others!

The Scholars Computer Book-Club

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