The Subscription & The Signature

The Subscription & The Signature :

It is written on the right side and below the last line in the body of the letter. Different subscriptions are used in the letters according to the writer’s relationship with the addresses.

(a) Letter to near relatives like father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, etc.

yours affectionately,

The other ways of writing the conclusion are as follows.

Your loving son,
your affectionate son,
Your loving brother,
your affectionate brother,
Your loving nephew,
your affectionate nephew,

(b) Letters to friends :

Yours sincerely,
your sincere friend,

(c) Official Letters :

Yours faithfully,

(d) Business Letters :

Yours truly,
yours sincerely,
yours faithfully,

In official and business letters the name of the place and the date of writing must be written on the left side, against the conclusion and signature.

Example :

Chennai -5

Yours truly,
P.P. Pande

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