The YOU Element in Business Letters

The YOU Element in Business Letters :

TO BE a successful writer you must talk about your customer and his affairs. See that you get the word “you” in the opening sentence of your next letter.

For example :

“You can make a larger profit if you sell Duff’s Molasses, than if you don’t. Your customers want Duff’s Molasses and they are going to get it somewhere. You can make big profits by getting in line early and so on.

The grocer is interested in this proposition because it offers to put money in his cash drawer. There is no more interesting proposition to him that that. When he reads this letter he must decide whether he will order and make good profits, or stand idly by while the other fellow gathers in the benefits.

And now when you have just about determined to inject some of the “you” element into your letters, cultivate the ability to get over on the buyer’s side and look at your proposition through his eyes. A good salesman never mentions the selling end of his game, he emphasizes the buying point.

You may think it selfish, but I repeat that the nearest subject to me is me. The ace-high theme with you is you. It is a human trait—as infallible as a physical law.

The YOU Element in Business Letters