Till The Pips Squeak

Till The Pips Squeak :

Tickled Pink :

If you are very pleased about something, you are tickled pink.

Tidy Desk Tidy Mind :

A cluttered or disorganized environment will affect your clarity of thought. Organized surroundings and affairs will allow for clearer thought organization.

Tie The Knot :

When people tie the knot, they get married.

Tied To One’s Mother’s Apron Strings :

Describes a child (often a boy) who is so used to his mother’s care that he (or she) cannot do anything on his (or her) own under the influence of some women.

  • You should be ashamed of tying yourself to a woman’s apron strings.

    Tight Rein :

    If things or people are kept on a tight rein, they are given very littler freedom or controlled carefully.

    Tight Ship :

    If you run a tight ship, you control something strictly and don’t allow people much freedom of action.

    Tighten Your Belt :

    If you have to tighten your belt, you have to economize.

    Till The Cows Come Home. :

    This idioms means for a very long time.

    Till The Pips Squeak :

    If someone will do something till the pips squeak, they will do it to the limit, even though it will make other people suffer.

    Till You Are Blue In The Face :

    If you do something till you are blue in the face, you do I repeatedly without achieving the desired result until you’re incredibly frustrated.

    Tilt At Windmills :

    A person, who tilts at windmills, tries to do things that will never work in practice.

    Time And Again :


    If something happens time and again, it happens repeatedly.

  • Time and again China has betrayed India.

    Till The Pips Squeak
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