To Advantage

To Advantage :

To Act Up To :

To behave in a suitable way

To do one’s duty

  • I am sure you will act up to your promise and square up accounts by the end of the month.

    To Add Fuel To Fire :

    To increase anger

    To further incite

  • He was already annoyed with me. But my bitter remarks added fuel to the fire.

    To Advantage :


    In a good light

  • I can see almost the whole of the town to advantage from the roof of my house.

    To A Fault :

    If something does something to a fault, they do it excessively so someone who is generous to a fault is too generous.

    To A Man :

    If a group of people does or believes or thinks something to a man, then they all do it.

    To Answer A Purpose :

    To serve a purpose

  • I am not going to buy a new pen. This old one will answer my purpose.

    To A T :

    If something is done to a T, it is done perfectly.

  • The play area for the children is well planned to a T.

    To All Appearance :


  • To all appearance you have regained your financial status.

    To All Intents and Purposes :

    This means in all the most important ways.

    To Back Up :

    To support

  • He prolonged Caesar’s command and backed him up in everything.

    To Be All One :

    To make no difference

  • I smiled, chatted and ticked my cousin. But it was all one to her.

    To Bear A Grudge Against :

    To have ill will against

  • He bears a grudge against Sunil. He will not give an unbiased opinion.

    To Advantage
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