To Have An Advantage Of

To Have An Advantage Of :

To Give Oneself Airs :

To talk boastfully

To feel important to be haughty and boastful

  • I cannot get on well with him for he gives himself airs of a prince.

    To Give On The Slip :

    To avoid

  • As soon as the thief saw the policeman, he gave him the slip and flied away.

    To Give The Back :

    To leave or quit

  • Indian soldiers never give the back to the enemy in the battlefield.

    To Give The Devil His Due :

    To praise the good qualities even of an enemy

  • He is generous enough to give the devil his due.

    To Glut The Market :

    To make an excessive supply of

  • For the first time in this decade, the market is glutted with mangoes.

    To Hang By A Thread :

    In danger

  • The life of a soldier hangs by a thread.

    To Hanker After :

    To seek eagerly

  • All educated young men hanker after a white collar job.

    To Have An Advantage Of :

    Placed in a better position

  • Our elders have an advantage of age and experience over the young.

    To Have An Argument With :

    To have a heated discussion

  • After having an argument with her hubby, she left for her parents’ house.

    To Have The Courage Of Your Convictions :

    If you have the courage of your convictions, you are brave enough to do what you feel is right, despite any pressure for you to do something different.

    To Hold In Abeyance :

    To keep a problem in suspension

  • Sanjay Gandhi’s conviction was held in abeyance for poll purposes.

    To Hold One’s Own :

    To maintain one position

  • Punjabis are determined to hold their own against all odds.

    To Have An Advantage Of
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