Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter :

IT SHOULD be remembered, however, in this matter of approach that sales letters are distinctly of two kinds - the unsolicited letter and the reply to an inquiry. In the first you must announce yourself and win your own audience; in the second you come at the buyer’s invitation.

Naturally the first situation demands certain preliminaries - winning the reader’s attention and interest - before you can get down to a “hard-as-nails” business proposition. In the other instance you can slide over the prelude and talk your proposition from the getaway.

But even though you are approaching a man for the first time, there is no reason why you cannot take the man-to-man attitude. What you want is his interest and there is no surer way of getting it than talking to him about himself.

Look at your proposition from his point of view. Talk about the things he is interested in. Talk to him in his own words, his phrases. Express your ideas as he would. Make your letter a personal talk, full of life and action.

If you are trying to sell a man a pair of shoes, don’t talk about your shoes until you have mentioned his. Take him to his own closet and drive home your shoe talk there.

Note how this letter addressed by a book publisher to bankers, strikes out with a vitally interesting statement in the most conversational kind of way.

“Dear Mr. Brown,

“As soon as I learned the other day that your bank was making special efforts to secure more depositors this winter, I had the manager of our printing department get the enclosed proof for you.

“It is really the most significant announcement that has been made to American bankers in years. And even though it is being printed in some of the big magazines, where you might see it, I am having this special proof sent to you direct so that no circumstance can deprive you of the opportunity it offers.

“For here is a chance to secure - in complete, worked-out form - the exact, practical plan you need to double or triple your business.”

If you were a banker, would that letter get by you? It might, but I doubt it, for the moment you start to read that letter you must realize that someone is talking to you about a matter that is very important to you.

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter