Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter :

THE second element of the personality letter - unconventional expression - usually follows if the writer really established his man-to-man relationship. But there are certain divisions in the letter where positive effort must be made to tear away from a slavish following of custom.

Particularly is this true when an inquiry solicits your reply. Get right into your proposition from the start and, as you hope and strive to be natural, avoid the old formalities.

The average introduction with its “We beg” and “Pursuant to your request” is as useless as a third leg. Such expressions as “Enclosed herewith” take up the reader’s time, detract from the main idea, and are absolutely foolish. You might just as well attach stickers, saying inanely, “This is an envelope” and “This is a sheet of paper.”

If you asked a salesman for prices on his best hurdy-gurdy or whatnot, it isn’t likely that he would clear his throat, hitch up his trousers and launch into a seventeenth century prelude. Not much. He would snap out something like this and skirmish for a sale: “We have three styles of hurdy-gurdys, one at so much, another at this much,” and so on. The salesman is interested in sales and so are you. Why not take a lesson of him, then, chop off the hackneyed preface? What is the sense of obscuring the real issue by alengthy prelude, useless apology, a request to write, or begging for permission to advise? Get down to brass tacks and catch your prospect’s attention from the start.

Note how this manufacturer goes straight to the point in his opening:

“Dear Mr. Davis,

“Your goods may leave the factory in the best of condition. But how do they reach their destination? Any freight house is likely to be over-crowded any day, and open platforms and wharves piled high with freight. Your goods are not favored—they are just as likely to be left outside as any. And a sudden rain may absolutely ruin them.

“Why not insure your shipments against rain, snow, fog—against rust or warp or mildew. You can do it absolutely with Andrews’ Waterproof Wrapping. “Andrews’ Waterproof is made of just three things: heavy tough paper, perfect waterproofing and reinforcing cloth, giving extra toughness and strength. No matter how awkward or irregular the shape of your product, sharp corners or projections will not poke through. And your goods will reach their destination as dry and sound as when they left your shipping room.”

Like a good salesman…this writer launched into his subject without prelude or apology.

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter