Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter :

Originality of thought and expression is really shown in the body of the letter more than in the salutation and close, for there the opportunities are almost limitless. For instance, observe the stilted style of thistiresome long drawn-out sentence.

“Our connections are such as to make it possible for you to place your order with us right here in the City, where we can show you the goods and demonstrate the efficiency of our cars, and we hope that just as soon as you receive the catalogue you will look it over carefully and make it a point of call at our sales room which is connected with our general offices, and give us an opportunity to show you what our cars will do.”

And then turn to the refreshing ease of expression in this from a local tailor.

“Do you know that Henry has been cutting clothes for some of Atlanta’s best dressers for the last ten years and that many of our old customers run in from out of town just to get that perfection of fit that they know only Henry can five them? This is just an indication of the confidence particular dressers have in our ability to give clothes comfort and satisfaction.”

Here the writer has even referred to his cutter by name. The ordinary writer, if he mentioned the cutter at all, would have spoken of him simply as an employee.

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter