Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter :

BUT this is not all there is to a letter. A writer who has injected personality into his salutation and halfway through his letter to end in some such trite phrase as, “Hoping to hear from you by return mail, we are,” is as bad as the correspondent who uses stereotyped expressions throughout. Both blunt their effect on the prospect.

The closing paragraph should force the prospect into action - not put him to sleep with such hackneyed expressions as “trusting we shall hear from you” and “begging to remain.” Such conventional baggage only loads down a letter and means nothing. The prospect knows that you “hope” for his business and “trust” he will answer your letter.

If your communication demands a distinct close, say something new, typical of life, as, for instance.

“Sign and mail the order now, before it slips your mind.”

“Just say the word and the samples are yours.”

“Can you afford to overlook this when it means dollars to you?”

Millions of unread letters are tossed to the wastebasket because they lack personality. From beginning to end they look alike. They “beg” this and “trust” that. It’s “we do” and “You don’t” until the reader is as bored as you are with your neighbor’s one-record talking machine. Successful correspondentsare learning that hackneyed salutations and strained complimentary closes are lost on the prospect, that it is, above all the man-to-man element - the office talk on paper that gets the orders.

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter