Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter :

YOU may have a proposition that shouts for itself, a proposition that is the best yet, but if your salesman has a colorless personality, you might as well shove the sample into the arms of a straw man for all the good such a pale individual will do.

And it is the same in the sales letter. If you expect to magnetize your prospect’s money you must put a personal touch into your letters - not egotism, but your own honest, personal conviction, interwoven so thoroughly into your customer’s personality that he feels you understand him and that he understands you.

This is the subtle effect of successful letter personality. It unties the wallet strings where the custommade letter goes to the basket.

It creates confidence where exaggeration and hot air breed distrust. It gets the business where the cold, serious, matter of fact communication falls on deaf ears. And this is true because the letter with a personality is “different.”

It stands out from its stereotyped companions like a strong man in a crowd.

Letters that really have a personality are order getters because of the two elements that are woven into them - the man-to-man attitude and originality of thought and expression.

And these elements are found in every part of the letter - salutation, body, close, signature and postscript.

Touch of Solicitation in Business Letter