Train of Thought

Train of Thought :

Train of Thought :

A train of thought is a sequence of thoughts, when you are talking to someone and you forget what you were going to say.

Tread on Someone’s Toes :

If you tread on someone’s toes, you upset them, especially if you do something that they should be in charge of.

Tread The Boards :

When someone treads the boards, they perform on stage in a theater.

Tread Water :

If someone is treading water, they are making no progress.

Tried and Tested :

If a method has been tried and tested, it is known to work or be effective because it has been successfully used long enough to be trusted.

True Blue :

A person who is true blue is loyal and dependable, someone who can be relied on in all circumstances.

True Colors :

If someone shows their true colors, they show themselves as they really are.

Trump Card :

A trump card

A trump card is a resource or strategy that is held back for use at a crucial time when it will beat rivals or opponents.

Truth Will Out :

The idiom means that, given time, the facts of a case will emerge no matter how people might try to conceal them.

Tug At The Heartstrings :

If something tugs at the heartstrings, it makes you feel sad or sympathetic towards it.

Turf War :

If people or organizations are fighting for control of something, it is a turf war.

Turn A Blind Eye :

When people turn a blind eye, they don’t listen to you.

Train of Thought

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