Under The Wire

Under The Wire :

Under His Nose :

Right on His presence

  • The accident occurred under his very nose.

    Under His Heel :

    If you are under someone’s heel, they have complete control over you.

  • Rajan hates to be under the heels of her parents.

    Under The Radar :

    If something slips under the radar, it is not detected or noticed.

  • The helicopter in which Rajasekara Reddy travelled slipped under the radar.

    Under The Rose :


  • Many revolutionaries in the beginning of the country were working under a rose.

    Under The Table :

    Bribes or illegal payments are often described as money under the table.

  • He said, “Pay hundred rupees under the table and you will get the licence in an hour.”

    Under The Weather :

    If you are feelings a bit ill, sad or lack energy, you are under the weather.

  • Since I had a bout of malaria, I am under the weather.

    Under The Wire :

    If a person does something under the wire, he does it at the last possible moment.

  • I have the habit of doing my tasks with perfection when I am under the wire.

    Under Your Belt :

    If you have something under your belt, you have already achieved or experienced it and it will probably be of benefit to you in the future.

    Under Your Breath :

    If you say something under your breath, you whisper or say it very quietly.

  • The teacher said, “Speak louder. Do not mutter under your breath.”

    Under Your Nose :

    If something happens right in forint of you, especially if it is surprising or audacious, it happens under your nose.

  • Monika sneaked out of the house under her parents’ nose and went to a movie.

    Under Your Skin :

    If someone gets under your skin, they really annoy you.

  • Sudan grouses that his mother often gets under his skin.

    Under Your Thumb :

    Someone who is manipulated or controlled by another person is under has or her thumb.

  • “I do not want to be under your thumb,” said the clerk to the accountant.

    Under The Wire
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