Up To Speed

Up To Speed :

Up The Duff :

If a woman is up the duff, she is pregnant.

  • Maratha is up the duff. She is expecting her first child in a month’s time from now.

    Up The Spout :

    If something has gone up the spout, it has gone wrong or been ruined.

    Up The Stick :

    If a woman is up the stick, she is pregnant.

    Up The Wall :

    If someone goes up the wall, they get very angry.

  • When Raghu saw his son’s progress report, he went up the wall.

    Up The Wooden Hill :

    When you go up the wooden hill, you go up the stairs to bed.

  • Manoj said, “Good night, let us go the wooden hill.”

    Up To Scratch :

    If something does not come up to scratch, it does not meet the standard required or expected.

    Up To Snuff :

    If something is not up to snuff, it does not meet the standard expected.

    Up To Speed :

    If you bring someone up to speed, you update them on something.

    Up To The Eyes :

    If you are up to your eyes in something, you are deeply involved or to have too much of something like work.

    Up To The Mark :

    To the required standard

  • Your conduct in the class-room is not up to the mark.

    Up To The Neck :

    If someone is in something up to the neck, he is very much involved in it especially when it is something wrong.

    Up To Your Eyes :

    When you have got too much work to do, you are up to your eyes in it.

  • The clerk was groaning that he was the only person in the office who has tasks up to his eyes.

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