Various Examples of Speculative Letters

Various Examples of Speculative Letters :

Recently I became aware of the new music program at St. John’s School. My interest in this program and genuine commitment to teaching in a Christian educational environment provides the impetus for my request. I would like the opportunity to visit your school, learn more about your programs and if possible observe classes in action. I would also appreciate your advice as to the possibility of teaching positions at St John’s in 2010.

I am writing to be considered for an appropriate position within your company when I have completed my current studies.

I am writing to you having been referred by Ms Maria Comic. Ms Comic works in the manufacturing division of your organization and suggested XYZ may be recruiting Information Technology graduates for commencement in 2010.

The above outlines my commitment to utilizing the quality skills that I have developed to date. As you can see from the attached references, my previous employer has acknowledged my innate skills in the management and leadership areas. I found my employment experiences stimulating because of the challenges each position offered. These qualities, I find, add to the satisfaction and enjoyment I obtain from my work and study. I therefore look forward to the possibility of honing my skills and abilities further within the 123 Graduate program.

Over the past six years I have held a number of part-time positions. These have involved working with a broad cross section of people in a range of settings including home health care. This experience has provided the opportunity to develop communication, time management, and organizational skills.

From your annual reports and product profile publications, it is evident that XYZ places a strong emphasis on environmental issues. My interest in this area is reflected by the subjects and projects undertaken during my university studies and by my participation in the Mine Safe vacation project with ABC, as outlined in my attached resume.

Having contact with your school, which fosters learning in a Christian environment and values the arts and creative thinking, would be of great value to my growth as an emerging teacher. I would appreciate the opportunity to visit your school and will telephone you within the next two weeks to discuss when this could be arranged.

I am confident my experience, academic qualifications and interests would fulfill the requirements of the position outlined. The opportunity to discuss my application with you would be appreciated. I can be contacted on … or by message on … during business hours.

Thank you for considering my request. Please find attached a copy of my resume, academic record, and a selected reference. I am available for an interview and can be contacted on …. I will make contact with you within the next two weeks to check on the progress of this application.

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Various Examples of Speculative Letters