What A Letter Must Do : Its Elements and Contents

What A Letter Must Do : Its Elements and Contents :

There are certain basic principles upon which every successful business letter must be built, certain invariable elements which it must contain.

If it is to take the place of a salesman and do what a good salesman would do, it must follow a line of procedure in making a written sale just as a salesman does in making a verbal one.

It must win for itself an audience with the man it is to sell, and once that is gained it must follow the steps of the sale exactly as the salesman does when he talks face to face with his prospect, leading him gradually, tactfully through certain definite processes up to the actual signing of the order.

For this reason every sentence and paragraph that goes into one of your letters should have a reason for being there.

The sole aim of a letter is to get action and non-essentials simply detract from its directness. You have no time to write them nor has your prospect to read them.

It is the easiest thing in the world to write a letter that goes rambling from one topic to another without getting anywhere in particular.

But the good letter writer has a definite end in mind and he goes straight to it over a definite route.

Go about it to write a letter as you would to prepare an important speech. There are a thousand things you might say, but only ten are vital.

Think of as many as you can to begin with, then sift them to the few.

Confine yourself to those points and drive them home, knowing the effect that each should have and its relation to the end you want to reach.

What A Letter Must Do